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Tampa & Chicago based Destination Wedding Photographer

Benson & I

Rookery Building Portraits

Field Note Entry 101891:

If it's one thing I hate doing, it's talking about myself. But as I sit here in this coffee shop in Naples, I know a lot of you are like, "who the heck is this guy who is potentially going to shoot my wedding?!"

Well, first and foremost, I am a dude haha. I'm 26 year and now I resides in Tampa Florida. Why Tampa? Well because Naples is not for the young and Tampa is filled so many amazing things. I am currently in Naples because I have a flight to catch to Chicago. I am dog dad, he's currently under the table sleeping. He's that little guy you see in the photo above, that's my boy Benson. That's the cliff notes. But honestly I am just another person just like you. I love traveling. I love photographing people, places and things and I am extremely thankful that I get to do this. That you allow me to do this.

While I love a good taco my heart melts for ice cream. Coconut, Coffee, Pistachio, Mint Chocolate. (Okay where is the closest ice cream place)

I rescued Benson back in 2017 from a woman who could no longer care for him. When I got him he was so scared and tiny. I joke around that he went from rags to riches and it's a reoccurring joke in my circle of friends. But seriously, he has a better life than I do LOL. I literally freaking take him everywhere. Don't believe me? Check out our instagrams haha. He's living his best life.

I believe in being real & vulnerable with you because you will be real & vulnerable with me on your big day. So with that said, I got into a severe car accident in March of 2017. I went head on into a concrete light post. It is hands down the most traumatic moment in my life. I pulled myself out, glass cutting my hand and I sat on the side of the road just in shock. I thought about my family & friends. What I had done with my life and honestly I was at peace with how I lived up to that point in my life. I didn't take things for granted. I learned to have no expectations of anyone or anything at that point. I am a spiritual person and I believe that everything (GOOD or BAD) happens for a reason. And the reason why I am still here on this planet is to continue to do what I love to do. Capture love stories for incredible people such as yourselves. And it's the reason you are here, reading this at this exact moment. We are meant to be friends, regardless of whether you book me or not. 

I am real and make sure that your big day goes as planned or unplanned. I roll with the punches. But I am not your punching bag so don't get it twisted. If you have any questions, shoot me an email. I wanna make sure that you are feeling reassured. So let's do it!