Liesbeth + Renée

I get the honor to photograph love stories and then I get the ones that aren't necessarily traditional. Those are some of the most incredible ones. 

Incredible not because they are better, but incredible because I have the ability to capture a moment in time that 10 - 15 years ago was not really possible so openly and free. Even though Reneé, Liesbeth & I had a language barrier (they are from the Netherlands) , the language of love is universal. You don't need to speak the same language to understand love or affection.

I met these two lovely ladies while I was shooting a wedding with my homie Guy Houben (Euro based photographer), of Guy Houben Photography, in Islamorada Florida. They are friends of Guy and we all hung out after the wedding and since this would be one of their only times in the US, we said what the heck, let's shoot!

After I did this session, which was the morning of our departure from the keys, I got into a wreck and I fell into this terrible funk. I couldn't think about work and I started to feel unmotivated. It was my body's way of dealing with this traumatic situation. Finally after a week, I started working again and this was the first session that I saw when I opened up my laptop. I started to skim through them because I never got a chance to really see them while on the road. Slowly I started to realize how blessed I was. Because I am. And if I am willing to take all the good that comes my way, then I better be willing to take the bad that comes too. I give a huge amount of credit as to why I got out of my funk to these two awesome women because of them, their love and this session.

Guys (not Guy), I shit you not, these are some of the most incredible photographs I've captured to date. I hope you all enjoy. So press play and enjoy 🤙🏽