Sam & Joscelyn | St Petersburg Engagement Session

We met in January 2015, both of us were new to online dating. After several long messages back and forth, we decided to meet-up for our first date. We met at Pegs Cantina, a cute bungalow restaurant in Gulfport. Which he picked. We were so distracted and enthralled by one another, the whole night, I think we barely ate. Which is especially obscure for me, because I’m not shy at dinner time ( girl can eat aha). It was love at first sight. We signed our first lease to a tiny studio apartment in Old Northeast. Looking back, it was the worst, run down, tiny apartment, ever. We didn’t even have a kitchen! But, we loved every moment of being there, together. A couple of years later, new jobs, new apartments, and even a puppy, we still feel the same towards each other, as the night that we met in Gulfport. I know that change can be scary for some couples. Sometimes one partner can change or grow without the other. But, we welcome it. We have grown so much together. We are best friends and teammates. (#teamus) He’s the Barack to my Michelle. And even sometimes the Frank to my Claire Underwood. I can’t think of anyone else to do life with. We just get each other. I wish that I had an elaborate engagement story, but I don’t. It wasn’t a surprise. We both agreed that we were ready for the next step in our relationship.

- from Joscelyn