01) What is required to book?
I require a signed contract & a 50% retainer to lock your date in with me!

02) After the wedding, when can we expect our photos?
You will receive your photos 4-8 weeks after your big day! Trust me it will be worth the wait and I truly appreciate your patience with me during those weeks!

03) How do we get our photos?
Once your collection is ready you will be sent an email with a link to your online gallery! The link is private to only whoever you wish to share those

04) Payments?
You can pay via Cash, Venmo or Certified Check

05) Can we have the RAW files?
No. Trust that I will give you only the best of the best. If you wish to still purchase the RAWs we can talk about it.

06) What if I am needing less than 6 hour of coverage?
For wedding less than 6 hours of coverage, I offer an hourly rate of $650/hr and I require a minimum of 3 hours of coverage.

07) What is it going to cost to fly you to photograph our big day outside of Florida?
I fly the cheapest way to every location I shoot outside of Florida. On top of that I live by a HUB airport so flights out of Tampa to basically anywhere in the States is pretty cheap. As for international wedding and elopements, I have an active passport and the same rules apply. Cost of flight and accommodations on top of your collection.



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