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Tampa & Chicago based Destination Wedding Photographer

Engagement Portraits:
Starting at $500

  • 60 minutes
  • Online Gallery & High Resolution Digitals
  • Print Release

Wedding Day Coverage:
Starting at $3,000

  • Me as your Photographer
  • 6 hours of Wedding Day Coverage
  • Online Gallery & High Resolution Digitals
  • Print Release

Starting at $1,000

  • Me as your Photographer
  • Customizable coverage hours
  • Online Gallery & High Resolution Digitals
  • Print Release

Down to Business

I am not going to write here and tell you that we am better than anyone else. Every single couple has a style, taste and budget to their wedding and that includes their wedding photography. I don't just push a button, I create a long lasting family heirloom. If you have not seen my portfolio, leave this page right now, don't be lazy haha and take a look at the weddings. See what you will get! If you have, well then continue reading. As you have seen by now, from the blog posts, I am a photographer for everyone. You deserve more than just "pretty photos," I want you to feel those exact moment all over again. 

It's the little things that get us the most. It's what I personally remember the most. Like, when grandma gave you that hug of generational love. Or that moment that you reached out for your partner's hand and just feeling that warm embrace. I guess you can say that I capture love stories from the view of a hopeless romantic haha. That's what my work is all about.

Your love. Your family. A Celebration.

The human connection speaks louder than anything else. If the question on your mind is “Fuck, why is he so expensive?!”. Honestly, I am not. I am basically in a sweet spot for my location. I also want to connect with you on this and ask you straight up. Are you a gambler? Are you willing to gamble your ONE day with a budget photographer, who you think might be able to do it and you're more inclined to go with because they're cheaper? 

 If you said yes, this is me and the face I made when you did

If you said yes, this is me and the face I made when you did

Or would you want to have reassurance and confidence that you will get the most amazing photographs possible without a doubt? I guarantee certainties. On top of that, this is my career. My only source of income. So the roof over my head, the clothes on my back and the food my table and the holistic food that my french bulldog requires is through my photography. I don't want this to be a money thing, if you are on a budget, let's talk about what you need and what we can do for you. At the end of the day, we want to be there with and for you & have a kickass time too!

My associate Wil and I like going on camping trips, drinking kombucha, eating organically and those things are not cheap. You have your thing and we have ours. So if you can understand and respect that we are people too who love the leisures of life, then we will get along perfectly. 

"Hernan is top of the line! There is a reason his photography stands out - he is a truly caring person. People throw around words like genuine and authentic a lot, but Hernan is the epitome of such praise."
- Daniel Van Dyke via The Knot Chicago

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