Jeff & Lauren | Engagement Session

June 28, 2018


Jeff and Lauren met in college where she insisted she wanted a French Bulldog. When she moved down to Florida, her welcome gift was sweet baby frenchie who they named Finny who is now their first born, her words hahahaha. They have been together 7 years so when Jeff proposed he knew he had to include Finn. Jeff planned a surprise with her family and friends in Chicago for the engagement at a beautiful park where he told her “he forgot the ring.” He then said “I called Finn and he flew it right up” and Jeff stepped to the side and that’s when she saw Finn. They made eye contact and there he went running to her with the ring tied to him. Jeff gets down on one knee and proposes while Finn is there wagging his little stump. If that’s not a perfect proposal IDK what is! This is their session.