New Website, Same Great Stills


Last couple of nights, I have spent hours redesigning my site. From the bottom up. New Logo, new layout but still the same me. I hope that this is easier for everyone to navigate because the other one (even though I loved it) was not really doing it on the easy to look through part.
So fresh eyes, fresh idea, fresh new start. So let's book you a session, let's grab coffee, let's be friends!


Embark on new Adventures // Naples Florida Photographer

This is a short blog post

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do

As I am packing for my road trip to South Carolina right now. It's a bittersweet thing. Mainly because as for me at this moment, things don't always work out. But that doesn't mean that you should not move forward. Life goes on and you must continue to allow new opportunities to come with open arms. It's about taking risks, failing and succeeding, not allowing anyone changing who you are. Most importantly it's about forgiving yourself, because you will always beat yourself up more than the person you have hurt. 

This quote, always rings in my head when new opportunities arise and when some adventures end. In the recent weeks, I have gain so much more than I have ever expected. I've lost something extremely valuable but it's not worth my time dwelling over, not anymore at least. As i'm putting everything into my bag, I can't help but to be extremely excited for this trip. It's an adventure i've been seeking for a few months now. Last year when I went to California (blog post still in the works, check back Monday), I loved the experience that I gained from it.

Adventures into the wild is what one needs from time to time.
It cleanses the soul.

This trip is going to be filled with some great people, amazing scenery & good vibes. The wild is were I will detox my mind from technology and truly live in the moment. Where my soul will regenerate and recenter itself. This trip would have been one of the times in the future, where I would be disappointed in myself for not taking up the offer. 

I think I will make it an effort to get out of the world every year, spend a week out and truly submerge myself in nature. Well with that said, I am going to put everything into my car and head off. I will be back with another blog post on Monday.

Go seek adventure, make moments no lists.


The struggle is real // My photography journey // Naples Wedding Photographer

February. Let's get raw and real in this post.

February has had to be the most stressful month so far. I've recently found out what it means to be an artist.

Some artist, who take their jump usually have saved income or still live at home and have mom and dad paying of their expenses (rent, insurance, phone, so on). So when I lost my full time salary job last year, I was devastated. Like a lot of us, I live on my own and have my own expenses I have to pay for. I had gotten so comfortable making a decent salary, making a paycheck every two weeks and being okay with working at job I hated so much. Only to have that follow along with a car accident, flat tire and dead battery with in a week, or less, of each other, that same month. Expenses were high and income was none existent. I panicked and started job hunting like crazy. 

What i didn't know at the time was that this was a blessing in disguise. With the help and support of my best friend, I managed to truly believe in myself. I started to get consistent work. I was booking regularly and at some points i was making more income now than I was working at my 9-5 corporate job. This of course isn't always the blessing many have and it doesn't always last forever.

With other expenses coming, money, of course, came and went. It's just money, but what really made me truly happy was the fact that in my deepest of downs, I had such amazing friends to push me forward.

Nikon Lens Shot Cup Photographers Gift Ideas

Fast forward to today. I have been beyond stressful. I have had to swallow my pride and ask for help, for the first time since I've lost my job. I've have never felt so shitty in my entire adult life. The stress had amounted so high that I got drunk (at home) for the first time since my 21st birthday. I had a full fledge 2007 Brittany break down. I panicked, questioned my work, searched for "real" jobs and so on. On top of that, I split my back hand wide open, last week, with a broken glass and thought I was going to bleed out! I am, thankfully, okay. As you can tell, I am no doctor haha. I spoke to another photographer friend of mine, and they themselves have been in this situation. It happens to everyone, except in my case I took a massive risk because i didn't have any form of backup to begin with. I became a part of this new group on facebook and someone posted a the exact situation I am in. I could not believe it. I was not alone. It sucks that there some of us out here struggling and contemplating getting a "real" job because we are flat out scared but I was relieved to know that I am not alone. 

Fear is the biggest reason why a lot of people aren't doing what they are most passionate about. I once again got myself together, and since have been able to get some work, not a lot but some. I am thankful, thankful to have my health, my friends and my family. I am thankful to Yahweh for providing and I know he will provide again. If you are in this situation, have comfort knowing that you are not alone, that you will get past this and you will soon be in the green. Look around you, look at the amazing people in your life. Be grateful for all that you have and have a drink!

Venice Florida // Taking a break to enjoy life // Naples Florida Wedding Photographer


It's always good to take some time and explore your state, find a new place, see new towns and just let your soul breathe. I don't post much of my personal experiences on my blog, as I know I should, so now I will start to blog more often about my costal living, fun trips that my friends & I take, and a bunch of other things as well. Here is our Venice Beach trip

The way you can determine a friendship is by taking a road trip with someone. Can you stand them in a car for hours, or can they even stand you? I feel like great connections and strong bonds are built through great experiences and fun travels. So go out there wholeheartedly and with an open mind, get lost, meet people, make memories to last a life time.

Let's take this city directionals as a way to determine what's next, from the top down.
NYC we are coming for you

Juicelation // Cold Pressed Juice // Naples Florida Photographer

Juicelation: The Juice that Roars!

Naples Florida WIggins Pass Beach

Some of you who know me personally know that when I believe in a great product, I want to make sure that all my friends and family know what it is, what is does, what it stands for. I have been blessed with meeting such amazing people in life and Zan & Seb are no exception. This duo of juicing gurus, created Juicelation, not for the profit but simply for the fact that they genuinely care about what people put in their bodies. It's all organic cold pressed juice, locally grown, pressed and delivered to you at home or work!

Order your next delivery at

Why I am still not a Full Time Photographer, yet.


It's a question I get asked all the time. Time and time again, "Why aren't you doing your photography full time?" 

The simple answer to that question is, I am not ready. I don't have the amount of clients I wish to have, and I currently need money, so my current job pays the bills. Yes, it isn't the most amazing position ever but I am still currently doing work in my field.  Yes, it would be nice to have a year's schedule surrounded with stunning weddings, amazing adventures and doing what I love to do the most. But the reality is I need to pay bills. Coward you may say, but that's your opinion. 

I have asked people privately about their jump into their photography career and one thing that they all had in common was, security. Do you have the amount of money to be able to live for at least 3 months without work. NO. I don't plan to make an irrational decision as to mess with my livelihood. For the younger adults that I have spoken to, some have said they are very fortunate to be able to not have the burden that is to pay rent, bills and so on, because they live from home so they have had the ability to take any and all opportunities with open arms. 

I applaud those who have taken that jump and are doing great in their careers. Some of you may say, well quit your job. Focus on your passion and you will do great! You have no idea how much happiness it brings me to hear people think so highly of my work. It's truly a blessing to know that people support me.

I don't live at my parents house, I have a car payment, I have insurance to pay & other bills. My life right now, as transparent as I feel to share, is at a fork in the road. Naples is a seasonal town, with season employers. This causes a lot stress and a lot of concern to those who work seasonally. And I am now finding out that my employer is a seasonal one too. GREAT.

Which has lead me to here. Today is the first official day that I will be dedicating to marketing myself in the photography world. To start gathering new clients. So that I will never find myself in this situation again.  So if you or someone you know needs a photographer, I'm your guy! Wish me luck, here is to submersing myself deeper in and to new adventures, new friends, new weddings and a new chapter in my life. 

I'm coming for you future and I'm ready.