Grace Senior Portraits

Grace reached out to me about getting her portraits done. She wanted something different than what's being produced around the Naples area. I am different. We managed to pick a date that was perfect for us since we were both on a tight schedule, her with school and work and me with traveling. We met up in downtown Naples on this amazing cool morning where the weather just freaking perfect. I mean seriously guys it was such an amazing day.

This young woman, this session was hands down one of the most fun I've personally had during a portrait session. Honestly though, all my seniors have really been such amazing young humans. I can't be thankful enough for those who come and bless me with their stories of where they will be in the next few months to a year. It makes me look back and just be so thankful that I get to live out my dreams and I wish them the same.

Grace, thank you for reaching out, Thank you for your kind words and lastly thank you for such an awesome time! You killed it homie!