Monet Meeks

This year, when I am not working weddings (shooting, editing, marketing it), I have decided that I need to do personal that brings my creative soul joy. Not that weddings don't do that, it's just limited at times. While my personal project might be a complete 180 from my weddings, this is what's going to help me create more stunning photographs for weddings. I feel that in order for anyone to grow, you must experiment. Sometimes your ideas fail and others fly!

I met Monet while I was hanging out at my local juice bar, how I meet everyone. I remember when we met I was like, she has such a cool vibe and look. I need to photograph her. So finally we did. I wanted to go for something not traditional in my shooting, be different and think more creatively. This is one of my first personal works for 2017 🤙 Enjoy

One thing I will say is that I got so lost in the moment that I didn't really realize how much I wasn't posing her hahaha. This is something I will remember for my next project. So go out there and make art!