The Yoons | Chicago Family Portraits

This is the Yoons.

Gene, Lois & their beautiful baby girl, Sophie.

I met Gene a few months back on social media. Before I leave for new cities I always create a post to let potential clients know that I will be traveling in their area. I do the same when I want to meet other creatives in those cities. I make it an effort to meet fellow creatives and hang out. It's such a blast meeting new people and hearing their stories of their adventure in life. So when Gene reached out, welcoming me, I was like heck yea! I have seen his work before and we followed one another on social media so I knew it would be a blast to finally meet.

In a field where a lot of creatives stride to say that they are community over competition, very few actually are. Chicago has been a huge blessing for me because honestly everyone I've had the pleasure of getting to know there, truly is about community. It's what I am hoping to cultivate for my new home of St Pete.

Gene and his wife, Lois, welcomed me into their home as if I was family. He made me coffee, I played with Sophie, who by a miracle didn't cry and somehow grew to like me quickly haha. I could not stop from smiling with these three. Gene made us lunch, Lois & I were a little scared since he's never actually ever made an authentic Asian dish! Guys, it was bomb. It's stupid insane how genuinely kind this family is. I felt at home, invited and welcomed to stay forever. To say that I know the Yoons is nothing short of a blessing. This is their session.

To Gene, Lois & Sophie,

Thank you guys so much for making my trip one to remember. It's people like you all that make my travels a lot less stressful. Again for making feel like family and for the outpour of love. I seriously cannot wait to be back in the city or when you guys plan that trip down to Florida. I promise not everyone here is crazy haha.

Happy Birthday Friend