Zan DiCicco

So, the R.O.F (Ring of Fire) trend has hit the roof on several photography forums. I wanted to test out what was so special about this fun technique. All shits and giggles aside, I felt stupid holding a copper pipe in front of my lens, but the results were pretty rad. My good friend Zan DiCicco, co-owner of Juicelation and the face of Pure Zan, is a model who's name should be publicly known. From magazine covers to international video production, this girl is on a level all her own.

The Ring of Fire: How To

Copper Pipe:
All you need is a copper pipe about an inch wide and long. I couldn't find one in that dimension atHome Depot so I purchased the biggest one they had in stock. It was the 3/4 in. 

I read online that you need at least a 50mm to get some great results. For these photographs I used my 50.

Your light source needs to be directly facing you. In my experience, that's what worked best for me. I had my model stand directly in front of the sun. This was shot around 6-7pm, and golden hour was about to begin. 

In my opinion, this technique is all about just experimenting. Different pipes cause different flares. I used the one best accessible to me. Here are my results.

Model: Zan DiCicco

Accessories: Mother Nature

Freedom - Zan.png