Rebecca & Andy | Tampa Florida Couples Portraits

August 20, 2019

To Becca & Andy:
Hello friends! I feel like in order for me to write a blog post about you guys, I will need to just write it directly to you both. You two have become some the coolest people I have gotten to know in the few years that I have been in Tampa. I rarely call people friends, like true friends so I appreciate you both. Becca I appreciate your boujee taste that doesn’t make me feel like im being extra and Andy thank you for letting me know that my leg wasnt infected when Becca swore I will most likely loose my leg 😂 jkjk

Anyways, I wanted to dedicate this post to not only you two but to Copper who unfortunately isn’t here with you guys anymore. But also to include new baby Santayana that we are all so excited to meet! Congrats friends and I cannot wait to document you all when she comes! /end

As for all of you who are reading this who are not Becca & Andy;
enjoy ⚡