Pipolli Cactus Dog Teepee

A little back story to Benson. If you don't know already, he's a rescue. He sent most times in his kennel for s majority of the day. And not because they were awful people but because work ended up taking way more of their time than ever before. Unfortunately now HE HATES CLOSED SPACES. He hates them so much that I tossed his kennel and he's never once been in one since he's come into my life.

I didn't know how he would react to Pipolli's teepee but I will share with you all his genuine reaction to it. So Pipolli is this incredible modern dog brand that makes these insanely beautiful teepees alongside other dog accessories. What I loved so much about the teepee was not only how simple it was to assemble but also how extremely stylish it is. It's minimal, washable and easily collapsable for traveling. The fabric that her teepee's are made out of are of high quality and made to last material. Seriously, when you get one you will be able to feel it when you pull it out of the box! 

This teepee was the perfect fit and look for our office space where Benson spends most of his time at. If you have no idea where my office is, it's inside this amazing Plant Parlor in Tampa Florida. Check them out here ---> www.FancyFreeNursery.com (@FancyFreeNursery)

These first photos are of when we first assembled it. His reaction should pretty much tell you that you need to get one!

The cool shirt that Benson is wearing above is also from Pipolli. We seriously cannot wait for these winter months to be able to rock the hell out of thing in public haha.

From Benson:
This is my zen place. I come here to relax after a long day at the dog park. If you come back i'd love to give you all a tour!

Get your teepee today and don't forget to follow them!

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